Research Methodology

The research methodology of Chlue Research has been subjected by numerous procedures in order to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the data contained within the reports.

When begin a market report, our research team first works with customs data, industry association data, industry standard, market news, magazines,  and administration that operate in the research field. And information provided by our in-house documentation service helps carrying out further research. Our team efficiently extracts the accurate information from existing source.

Then, the research team conducts large number of face-to-face or telephone interviews with the representative companies operating in the research field. The analysts attempt to obtain a chance to talk with leading players in the field as well as with small companies. The upstream suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, installers, wholesaler and consumers are all included in the interviews. The data gathered during the interview is then carefully checked and compared.

Next, the analysis team checks and synthesizes the data gathered. To validate the data, a second series of interviews can be conducted. The quantitative data such as market estimates, production and capacity of manufacturer, market forecasts and investment feasibility. The research team also provides appreciation and analysis of the market and the quantitative data contained in the reports.

Before publishing, every report goes under a rigorous checking and editing process, which is done by experience management team to ensure the reliability of the published data.