China Beidou Satellite Navigation System Industry Report 2020

Publish Date: July 2020
Number of Pages: 96
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Beidou satellite navigation system is a global satellite navigation system independently constructed and operated by China, providing all-weather, high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for users worldwide.

From the 1980s, China began to explore the development path of satellite navigation systems suitable for the national conditions, and formed a “three-step” development strategy. The Beidou No. 1 and Beidou No. 2 systems were built in 2000 and 2012. The Beidou-3 system will be completed in 2020, and global networking will be completed.

In recent years, the market size of the satellite navigation and location service industry has continued to expand, and the state has issued a series of policies to support the development of the Beidou satellite navigation industry. The Beidou industrial chain is maturing, and it will usher in a golden development period in the future, with long-term growth potential.

The Beidou navigation system consists of three parts: space segment, ground segment and user segment. At present, an industrial chain with high market participation composed of “upstream core devices-midstream terminals and systems-downstream solutions and operation and maintenance services” has been formed.

Domestic replacement of upstream core components is intensifying. High precision and domestic are the core requirements for the development of Beidou navigation industry.

Upstream core devices are the foundation for the development of the entire industry, and there are certain technical gaps between Chinese products and similar foreign products. At present, terminals and systems account for the largest proportion of the output value of the entire industrial chain.

With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities in China and the rapid development of the emergency industry, the application of the Beidou industry has gradually entered the stage of service development.

Beidou Navigation is widely used in all walks of life, providing services to the three major markets of special institutions, industries and consumers.

The growth of Beidou application demand comes from the continuous expansion of the military and civilian dual-use market demand.

The Beidou navigation system can provide troops with accurate real-time positioning, timing, and weapon platform navigation services. For the sake of national defense security, the steady increase in national defense spending will be tilted to Beidou.

For civilian use, Beidou has been successfully used in transportation, electric power applications, agriculture, fishing and finance. At present, the industry market is in the stage of large-scale application development.For the consumer market, Beidou mainly serves smart connected cars, smart cities and wearable devices.

This report focuses on the status and outlook for major Manufacturer,
China Aerospace Times Electronics 航天电子
China Spacesat中国卫星
Aerospace Hi-Tech航天科技
Leike Defense雷科防务
Sun Create四创电子

Table of Contents

1 Major Satellite Navigation Systems In The World 11
        Figure Major Satellite Navigation Systems In The World 11
        Figure Comparison of four satellite systems 12

2 China Satellite Navigation and Location Service Industry Market 13
    2.1 Market Scale Of China’s Satellite Navigation And Location Service Industry 13
        Figure China Satellite Navigation Patent Cumulative Statistics 13
        Figure China Satellite Navigation Patent Classification 14
        Figure Market Scale Of China’s Satellite Navigation And Location Service Industry 14
    2.2 Technical Features Of Beidou Navigation System 15
    2.3 China Satellite Navigation Industry Policy 16
        Figure List of related policies of Beidou satellite navigation industry 16
        FigureThe Evolution of Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry Policy 17
        Table China-US Policy Comparison 17

3 China Beidou Navigation System Introduction 18
    3.1 China Beidou Navigation System Components 18
        Figure China Beidou Navigation System Components 18
    3.2 Space Segment–Satellite and Launch Vehicle 19
    3.3 Ground Segment-Ground Infrastructure 20
    3.4 Beidou Enhancement System-Star Based Enhancement System and Ground Based Enhancement System. 21
    3.5 User Segment 22

4 Beidou Navigation Industry Chain 23
    4.1 Proportion Of Output Value Of Each Link Of Beidou Navigation Industry Chain 23
        Table Proportion Of Output Value Of Each Link Of Beidou Navigation Industry Chain 2014-2020 23
        Figure Proportion Of Output Value Of Each Link Of Beidou Navigation Industry Chain 2019 23
        Figure Beidou Navigation Core Device Industry Chain 24
    4.2 Beidou Navigation Core Device 25
      4.2.1 Beidou Chip 26
        Table Major Beidou Chip Companies and Products in China 26
      4.2.2 Beidou Board:The Rise Of Domestic Boards 27
        Table Major Board Companies and Products in China 27
      4.2.3 Beidou antenna: localization rate exceeds 75% 29
        Table Major Board Companies and Products in China 29
        Figure Various Types of Antenna Compass 30
      4.3 Beidou Terminal and System 31
        Figuer High Gross Margin of Beidou Terminal Products 31
        Table Shipment Of Atellite Navigation and Location Service Terminals in China 2015-2020 33
        Table China Navigation and Positioning Terminal Product Sales 2013-2018 34
    4.4 Beidou System Operation and Maintenance Service 35

5 Special Institutions Application Market Analysis 37
    5.1 Military Market 37
        Table Beidou Terminal Market Size Forecast of Military 37
        Figure Beidou Military Market Segment 37
    5.2 Public Safety 38
        Table Beidou Terminal Market Size Forecast of Public Safety 38
    5.3 Disaster Relief 39
        Table Beidou Terminal Market Size Forecast of Disaster Relief 39

6 Civilian Application Market Analysis 40
    6.1 Transportation-The Largest Dynamic Monitoring System for Operating Vehicles in The World 40
        Figure National Road Freight Vehicle Public Supervision and Service Platform Homepage 40
    6.2 Electricity-Time, Positioning, Short Message Application Market 41
    6.3 Agriculture-Agricultural Machinery Autonomous Driving System 42
    6.4 Marine Fisheries-Ship Centralized Monitoring and Management System 43
    6.5 Meteorological detection-monitoring and warning project 44
    6.6 Finance-Beidou Time Service System 45

7 Consumer Application Market Analysis 46
    7.1 Internet of Vehicles-“Beidou+5G” high-precision positioning network 46
        Figure China Internet of Vehicles Market Scale And Growth Rate 46
        Table User Scale of Internet of Vehicles in China 46
    7.2 Smartphones-The Largest Consumer Sector 48
    7.3 Smart Wear 49

8 Two Major Market Opportunities for Beidou Navigation 50
    8.1 Application Field Expands From Military to Civilian 50
    8.2 Service Scope Expands from Asia Pacific to Global 51
        Table Cooperation Agreement of Countries along the Belt and Road 51
        Table Overseas Applications 51

9 Industry Development Risk 53

10 China Future Development Plan 54
    10.1 Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) System 54
    10.2 Smart City Project 55

11 Introduction of Major Companies 56
    11.1 Unicorecomm和芯星通 56
    11.2 BDStar北斗星通 58
    11.3 Corpro振芯科技 60
    11.4 Haige海格通信 62
    11.5 Navgnss耐威科技 64
    11.6 UniStrong合众思状 66
    11.7 Fenghuo烽火电子 68
    11.8 Hwacreate华力创通 70
    11.9 Hi-Target中海达 72
    11.10 China Aerospace Times Electronics 航天电子 74
    11.11 Ehualu易华录 76
    11.12 China Spacesat中国卫星 78
    11.13 Navinfo四维图新 80
    11.14 Aerospace Hi-Tech航天科技 82
    11.15 Leike Defense雷科防务 84
    11.16 Egova数字政通 85
    11.17 Sun Create四创电子 87

12 Research Findings and Conclusion 89

13 Research Method of China Fiber Laser Industry Report 2020 92

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