U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis & Forecast Report 2017

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Report Description

The U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis & Forecast Report 2017 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the E-Textiles Market. The report analysis the U.S market of E-Textiles by main manufactures and geographic regions. The report includes E-Textiles definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure, development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and import/export consumption, supply and demand.

For main Vendors, company profiles, product analysis, Shipment, ASP, revenue and market share are included.

Finally, U.S E-Textiles Market forecast is offered.

Frequency, Time Period
2012 – 2017 base years
2018 – 2022 forecast

Major players Coverage:
Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics
AiQ Smart Clothing
Bando Chemical
BeBop Sensors
Brochier Technologies
CES 2017 – Las Vegas, NV
Cityzen Sciences
Concordia University XS Labs, Canada
Conscious Labs
Cornell University, USA
Directa Plus
Drexel University, USA
Eurecat – CETEMMSA
Fisk Alloy
Flex – Fashion and Apparel division
Footfalls and Heartbeats
Forster Rohner Textile Innovations
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Hitachi Chemical
Holst Centre
IMEC – Wearable Health Monitoring
Illuminex, USA
Imperial College London, UK
Intelligent Textiles Limited
Interactive Wear AG
King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia
Luminet Technologies
MAS Holdings/Flex
Medical Design Solutions
Ohmatex ApS
Parker Hannifin
Penn State University, USA
Samsara S.r.l. – Dreamlux
Sarvint Technologies
Sensing Tex
Southampton University, UK
Stanford University, USA

Key Issues Addressed
1. Competitive Landscape and Strategic Recommendations
2. The market forecast and growth areas for U.S E-Textiles Market
3. Changing Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities
4. Historical shipment and revenue
5. Analysis key applications
6. Main manufacturers market share

We can offer customization in the report without any extra charges and get research data or trends added in the report as per the buyer’s specific needs.

Table of Contents

1 Background and Product Scope
1.1 Product Definition of E-Textiles
1.2 Product Classification of E-Textiles
1.3 Product Application of E-Textiles
2 U.S E-Textiles Market Statistics
2.1 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, ASP and Revenue 2012-2017
2.2 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, ASP and Revenue by Type 2012-2017
3 U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis by Application
3.1 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, ASP and Revenue by Application 2012-2017
3. 2 U.S E-Textiles Application Market Analysis by Vendor
4 U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis by Import, Export
4.1 U.S E-Textiles Supply, Consumption and Gap 2012-2017
4.2 U.S E-Textiles Import, Export Analysis 2012-2017
5 U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis by Vendors
5.1 U.S E-Textiles Shipment by Vendors 2012-2017
5.2 U.S E-Textiles Revenue by Vendors 2012-2017
5.3 U.S E-Textiles ASP by Vendors 2012-2017
6 U.S Key Vendors Analysis
6.1 Company 1
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Product Analysis
6.1.3 Product Revenue Analysis
6.2 Company 2
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Product Analysis
6.2.3 Product Revenue Analysis
6.3 Company 3
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 Product Analysis
6.3.3 Product Revenue Analysis
6.4 Company 4
6.4.1 Company Profile
6.4.2 Product Analysis
6.4.3 Product Revenue Analysis
6.5 Company 5
6.5.1 Company Profile
6.5.2 Product Analysis
6.5.3 Product Revenue Analysis
6.6 Company 6
6.6.1 Company Profile
6.6.2 Product Analysis
6.6.3 Product Revenue Analysis
… ….
7 U.S E-Textiles Market Forecast
7.1 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, Revenue and ASP Forecast 2017-2022
7.2 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, Revenue and ASP Forecast by Types 2017-2022
7.3 U.S E-Textiles Shipment, Revenue and ASP Forecast by Applications 2017-2022
7.4 U.S E-Textiles Market Forecast by Import, Export 2017-2022
8 Conclusion of the U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis & Forecast Report 2017
9 Research Method of U.S E-Textiles Market Analysis & Forecast Report 2017